How To Get Your First Bitcoin Free- Know the Genuine Methods!

Bitcoin has grown dramatically in value over the last few years. Since Bitcoin’s price has skyrocketed this year, every investor wants to try their luck with it. As a result, it has undoubtedly become the talk of the town.

Thanks to the investors who shower their money in Bitcoin and make it one of the best digital assets. However, in this industry, it is difficult to predict where things will go ahead. This is why some people call Bitcoin and cryptocurrency GAMBLING since no one knows whether they will make you rich or poor!

Despite that, Bitcoin has achieved a trustworthy position, and it continues to rise. Resultant, the current value of Bitcoin is 58,180.10 USD. With that said, investing in Bitcoin can change your life. 

However, with its huge price, small investors always stay a step back. But don’t worry. This article has rounded up the best methods that help you get your first Bitcoin free. 

Before that, let me remind us nothing is available for FREE. You need to put in hard efforts to earn Bitcoin. If you want a heavy amount of Bitcoin in your pocket, you need to spend some money. But if you want a substantial amount of bitcoin, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort to earn them on various platforms. 

Read on the genuine methods to earn your first bitcoin for free. 

How to get Bitcoin fast?

If you are willing to get bitcoin fast in your wallet, spend money. Here’s how you can earn bitcoin online. 

Buy Bitcoins Online

Whether you want to buy or earn free bitcoin, you need to create an online Bitcoin wallet. To do this, download the bitcoin free from the web. This software allows you to trade and store bitcoin securely. The four types of wallets you can use are desktop, mobile, hardware, and web. 

When your wallet is downloaded, your next step is to create your account and get approved for cryptocurrency exchange. These are the legit markets for trading cryptocurrencies and make the easy exchange of fiat money to crypto tokens or digital currency. The best crypto exchanges are Bitfinex, Coinbase, and Coinmama. 

Buy Bitcoins from a person

If you think buying bitcoin from a person is much safer than online, go ahead. With this, you have four options to make it happen. Choose what suits you the best.

  1. Go online and search websites like Coin ATM Radar. It will help you find near-bitcoin ATMs, which work similarly to normal ATMs. 
  2. Try LibertyX to check retail stores that accept cash for Bitcoin. 
  3. Search Paxful to know the bank branches that convert your cash into Bitcoin
  4. LocalBitcoins is yet another platform that helps you find the people who want to buy or sell their Bitcoin for cash. 

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How to get Bitcoin for free? Tried & Legitimate Methods 

These are the numerous websites you can find on the internet to earn free bitcoin without getting into a scam. We have tested all these methods personally before sharing information with our readers. 

However, we need to clear that with these websites, you can earn only a small portion of bitcoin. Also, these free bitcoin can be beneficial only when the price of Bitcoin continues to rise, so you could earn good profits.

In fact, you will receive different amounts of money all the time with the change in Bitcoin Value. So, let us see some legitimate methods to earn free bitcoin online.

1. Bitcoin Faucet

First bitcoin free
Bitcoin Faucet

Bitcoin Faucet is the most reliable method on the internet that continues to provide free bitcoin to its users. These websites usually work like give and take situations. To earn free bitcoin, you have to complete the task given by them. 

Gavin Andresen introduced this concept to promote BTC and create more users. Currently, it has become the best method to earn free Bitcoin services.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to earn free Bitcoin:
  1. Create your account on a legitimate Bitcoin Faucet. For instance
  2. Head over the rules and complete the tasks
  3. Once the task is completed, your Bitcoin will credit to your wallet
  4. The more you complete the tasks, the more you can earn free Bitcoin.

If you think why Bitcoin Faucet is trustworthy? So, let me tell you, the website owners receive huge revenue in return. The idea is that Bitcoin Faucet users spend a lot of time on the site, generating profits for them. 

2. Try Crypto Browser

Crypto Brower is also a legit source of business, and it helps users get free Bitcoin instantly by performing several activities. The crypto browser tab is well-known for mine BTCs. In this tab, you are provided with tasks such as watching your favorite web series, videos, YouTube Tutorials, and browsing the internet for research. 

This idea sounds exciting and a little Scammy as well. But in reality, it is a legitimate method to earn bitcoin. So, start surfing the internet with CryptoTab Bowser and earn as much BTC you want. 

Here’s how you can mine BTC:
  1. Browse the internet with CryptoTab Browser and download its application.
  2. Complete the installation setup to avoid flaws
  3. Launch the CryptoTab and add a small shortcut to the taskbar. 
  4. Tap on Crypto Mining to start BTC mining.

With the CryptoTab referral program, you can increase your chances to mine more BTC. So start today!

3. Learn about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is deep-sea, so reading about BTC and staying updated with it is essential. So, why not use this platform to earn free Bitcoin? Search for Coinbase, as it allows the users to learn and earn BTC. In this, you have to solve quizzes related to BTC, and with the correct answer,

you can earn free BTC. The more quizzes you will complete, the more you can gain BTC. To do this, get registered on a coin base. 

4. Start Trading 

Probably you heard about Arbitrage. It is one of the safest methods to make money online via trading in cryptocurrency. This provides an opportunity to buy specific assets at certain prices, and then you can sell them to a different place at a higher price. 

Here you need to play smart. Consider the price and exchanges along with fiat money transfers and restrictions to find free Bitcoin from Arbitrage. Therefore, many trading bots work 24*7 to automate the process. One of the successful crypto trading bots is Pionex. To get started, get register yourself and start trading. 

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5. Work online and earn Bitcoins

One of the easiest ways to earn free bitcoin is to do multiple online jobs. To get free BTC, you will need to complete the specific tasks on the websites. For instance, many companies offer Bitcoin in return for completing their tasks such as surveys, retweeting the posts, analyses of their competitors, and many more small tasks. 

Most other websites provide small BTC rewards to the person who can provide true research and answers. You can search for more similar jobs like this online. Find BitcoinGet site and earn rewards in Bitcoin. Also, you can try Bitfortip to make the tasks easy. 

6. Join Binance Referral Program

Binance referral program
Subject to Copyright: Binance referral program

Nowadays, Affiliate programs are widespread in the cryptocurrency industry. In such a case, the Binance referral program is also a popular platform that helps you earn Bitcoin by referring Binance to your friends and colleagues. With this program, both can get benefits in terms of accumulating BTCs.

For instance, if you refer Binance to your friends and they create an account. Thus you can earn free BTC in exchange. And if your friend refers to this program, he could also earn BTC, and you will get 20% compensation. To get started, go to the Binance website and join its referral program.

Buy and sell your favorite Crypto from Binance like, Bitcoin, Etherium, Cardano, and Safemoon. If you are a new member you will get 40% OFF on the first Crypto purchase on Binance.

7. Writing & research products

Several cryptocurrency blogs, news, forums, and outlets will pay you in BTC form since you are contributing to their insights and writing for them. Regardless, you can complete these tasks only if you have some knowledge of crypto. You can join Coinality to do jobs like this. 

To join crypto forums, search for Bitcointalk; it is the most trusted and well-established forum that gives its members monetization opportunities. Moreover, it allows its users to advertise their products or services through the posts. 

8. Participate in Airdrops

Airdrop is a new legitimate method that helps users to earn Bitcoin for free. Airdrop is a complete marketing platform that allows you to send tokens or coins to the wallet address and promote awareness of new currency. You will need to participate in Airdrop to earn coins, as it is the fastest way to earn BTC. 

The big projects like stellar Lumens and Ontology were on airdropped. With this, users can earn massive dollars if they know how to sell that at the right time. 

9. Try Free Bitcoin earning Websites.

If you want to put fewer efforts into earning free Bitcoin, then try these sites.

  • it is one of the oldest and trustworthy sites on the web. With this, one can earn $200 in free Bitcoins regularly by tapping a roll-on button. 
  • Cointiply: it is a reward program website where people have to complete specific tasks to earn free BTC, depending on the completion of the task.
  • CoinEarn: It is not like Bitcoin Faucet, but you can earn $167 in free crypto with this. 
  • Block reward app: it is yet another Bitcoin earning site that lets you learn BTC while shopping. When users shop, play games or perform other tasks. This offers you rewards in return. Also, if you choose its referral program, you can earn rewards up to $2 on each referral. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Free Bitcoin Safe?

Yes, it is a safe and legit way to invest and earn, and it is a simple way to make payment on completing tasks. You would need to remember that you need to choose the only legit platform to earn free BTCs. 

How often can you Claim Free BTC?

A portion of BTC. Sometimes, companies offer several bonuses to their users.

Is Bitcoin free?

No, one Bitcoin is equal to 56,471 USD. So, this could not be free. The rewards program offers Bitcoin for free but for limited money. Suppose you complete the task of $200, so they offer you BTC accordingly. To earn a complete BTC, you must have 56,471 USD in your wallet. 


With all such details, it is concluded that one can earn free BTC by using various sites. However, for the fast and easy BTC investment, buying BTC is essential. But if you want to start with free, choose the suitable program from the above list and wait to earn BTC.

Have you used any of the above wallets or exchanges? What do you think of Binance as a project? Let me know in the comments below!

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