Coinchange Offer: $40 Sign Up Bonus

Deposit your USD or crypto to earn compounding returns. Coinchange is a popular platform for earning yield while you hold your crypto. Earn rewards in USDT, USDC, BTC, and more on Coinchange. Withdraw anytime directly to USD: no deposit is required, withdrawal, spread or transfer fees.

At the moment, there are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Millions of people are earning and burning money on that platforms. Each of them has a unique feature, name, and role.

Coinchange is a unique firm to earn yield while you hold crypto. Because the crypto market is currently volatile, you don’t want to lose your hard money; Coinchange is the only place to hold your assets while the crypto market fluctuates.

Earn cryptocurrencies and get additional rewards in USDT, USDC, BTC, etc. For example, deposit 1 BTC to earn a 0.20 BTC bonus to your account, with No deposit, withdrawal, spread, or transfer fees.

Coinchange Offer: Claim $40 sign-up bonus

  1. Click on the above button to claim your $40 Sign-up Bonus.
  2. Create a verified account by Making a minimum deposit of $1.
  3. The deposit can be made anytime within 45 days of the new account.
  4. You will get your signup bonus within 24hrs of creating a verified account.
  5. You can check your bonus in the “MY WALLET” option.

This $40 signup bonus is only applicable for those who signup from the CoinChange referral link or the above button. If you sign up without a referral link, you cannot claim a bonus.

CoinChange referral offer: Get $40 For each referral

Share Coinchange with your friends – refer new users and can earn up to $40 by referring signups.”

How to claim a $40 Bonus?

Coinchange Offer
Credit: Coinchange

Follow the step by step instructions to claim your $40 bonus:

  1. Share your Unique referral link ( you can get your referral link in the “Refer And Earn” option.
  2. Download the Coinchange App (Availableon iOS, Android).
  3. If your friend creates a verified account and completes all the signup steps.
  4. Click on “Claim my referral bonus,” and it will directly add to your account.
  5. You and your friend will instantly get an email with your $40 Gift. 

What Is Coinchange Crypto exchange?

CoinChange is a cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to invest in coins through DeFi. The company wants to be a bridge to facilitate the functionality of various contracts on the Ethereum network.

The KYC process is necessary for Coinchange, and you must have that done to trade. However, there are zero trading fees so this crypto exchange will suit your cryptocurrency needs.

The company’s mission is to empower its clients with DeFi instruments to win over their hearts. The company was initiated in 2017 as a brokerage enterprise, but by 2020, it has focused mainly on the DeFi sector and cryptocurrencies. It allows you to store crypto with 25% annual interest. 

NOTE: This doesn’t entirely work in more dialog contexts, as it tends to string the target agent and other things together textually.

Since the names of the head of the Coinchange offers team are publicly available, it draws more trustworthiness to the company. The team has Max Galash, while the CTO is named Oleg Serebryany. The company had another office in the USA, which can be found here.

Is Coinchange safe?

For your protection, CoinChange offers a website that uses Secure Sockets Layer protection (SSL) to ensure all of your user information is encrypted. The CoinChange employees that manage identity verification and account safety have restricted access to any user or usage data.

$30 Million Insurance:

CoinChange Fire Blocks Insurance coverage protects your investments in the case of errors in our technology products or services that cause a financial loss.

The CoinChange offers also cover criminal acts of employees and any third-party provider, technology errors and failure, failure of your systems, malicious or criminal acts by people you have contracted with, and loss of your data assets.

Secured Wallets and Keys:

The CoinChange promotion uses CoinCover to provide government-grade key storage as well as the recovery of crypto funds in the event of a loss of access to an account.

They don’t claim it’s military-level protection of keys, but it is trusted by government and law enforcement worldwide.

Fraud Prevention and AML Assurance:

Coinchange utilizes Jumio to handle the KYC process. Jumio helps us keep secure from financial crime while lowering the friction involved with our customers signing up. Jumio is also trusted by Microsoft, Oracle, Monzo, and HSBC.

We are devoted to maintaining the strictest AML protocols and have created a new process for customers by utilizing KYC2020, Chainalysis, Plaid infrastructure to ensure that each user complies with local and global financial regulations.

Wanna Know more click here! Coinchange Security Policy

  1. Does coinChange hold my funds?

    It is not. It’s one of the best things about dealing with the brokers, it’s that you can actually be sure that when you receive these funds. This is in comparison to other exchanges that do take longer times for their clearance processes.

  2. Is coinChange a good broker?

    The exchange was called ‘coinChange’ and it seems they are not a good broker. We can assume so because of the score they got on our platform. Details are provided in this review and we break down the score in the overview section.

  3. Is coinChange licensed? Does it hold an e-money license?

    This is not the case. We even couldn’t find any information about the business that operates the exchange, etc.

  4. Is coinChange a ripoff?

    There is not a single reason to say that coinChange is a scam, but we must admit that our rating of them is far from the top. The review explains more details and we have a detailed overview as well.

  5. is coinChange a legit exchange?

    According to Coinchange data, the broker calls itself a fraudulent service, they do not hold any business licenses, and we have warned investors to be cautious when dealing with them. My data had shown that the company was a fraudulent service and they did not hold any business licenses. We had warned investors to be careful when dealing with them. The rating is 69 out of 100. If you want additional information on how the score was calculated, read the explanation here.
    We wanted to help our readers evaluate the efficiency of this exchange for themselves. As such, we’ll provide you with a robust list of pros and cons, so you can decide whether or not you’d like to use this service.


It is time to finalize the report and judge whether coinChange or not as it can change your mind. It uses SSL containing high-level encryption that ensures you are safe & secure at Coinchange. To make a decision, the Coinchange review helps a lot.

At CoinChange, offer exchange rates. Pro has been asked a few interesting questions. Here is a couple of the most frequently asked: Why is XRP still not listed here? And why would XRP be listed here? There is a simple answer to both these questions and we’ll get to them as soon as possible.

Our current analysis shows that an approved rating is not a bad thing. Therefore, right now, we can state the fact that coinChange is not in our future plans; even though, we can’t really say it’s a good exchange either.

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