How to Buy BAT Crypto Coin- Step by Step Guide

In today’s digital world, frequent frauds and impenetrability are at their peak. However, big companies like Facebook and Google are enjoying massive business with brand ads. Depending on the user’s interest, users are easily directed to their preferable brand’s ads that eventually generate profits.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a new cryptocurrency created to increase advertisers’ profits by eliminating faulty ads, mediators, and trackers. BAT is designed to monetize the exchanges that occur between advertisers, publishers, and users. In other words, BAT comes with a special browser that allows its users to surf the internet and get rewards in the token.

Here tokens are generated based on users’ interests for online advertisements. However, the exchange using BAT is transparent and decentralized. Moreover, one can trade BAT online, which helps you manage your portfolio in a better way.

Through this guide, let us learn where and how to buy BAT crypto coin. 

Why buy BAT Coin (Basic Attention Token)? 

Buy BAT Crypto Coin
Basic Attention Token

Not sure why buy BAT coin? Let us tell you there are millions of websites cluttered with digital ads that often bring terrible user experience since readers want ads-free content. Most importantly, it affects the engagement of users with content.

To ensure credibility and engagement, buying BAT is the best move. However, you do not need to be an expert or have better internet knowledge to buy.

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A Step-by-step guide to Buy BAT Crypto Coin

1. Open Best Online Crypto broker account

Create Crypto exchange account
Create a Crypto exchange account

To buy BAT, you will need to create your online broker account. With the increased demand for cryptocurrency investments, the number of online brokers has increased. So this will be easy to buy and sell BAT. 

You will need to sign up on the preferable broker’s websites. However, before signing up, it is essential to ensure they are trustworthy and provide accessible payment gateways—many brokers charge a small fee or commission on each trade on their platform. 

Check all the details, especially terms and conditions, before trading BAT. 

2. Verify your Account With KYC Process

KYC process for crypto wallet
KYC process for crypto wallet

If you choose a regulated Broker’s account, the platform requires you to verify your account with the KYC process to buy BAT crypto coins. It involves the following steps.

• Provide the national’s identity such as a passport copy, driver’s license, or national identity card. 

• To verify your residence details, you will need to upload the bank’s statement or electricity bills. 

• After this step, you will need to ensure that you get unfettered access to all digital assets. 

• Keep in mind, a verified account needs to make the withdrawal or deposit of $2,500. 

It is an automated process and provides an easy solution to complete the KYC process. Once done, you can subsequently start buying BAT Crypto coin right away. 

3. Create an eWallet

Best Crypto wallets
Best Crypto wallets

Probably you know that setting up an eWallet is necessary for cryptocurrency trading. However, if this is for the first time, check the best Cryptocurrency wallets. The Wallet is a small application that can be used to store, buy, and sell crypto tokens.  

This electronic software works directly with blockchain and lets you understand how to send and receive digital currencies. 

4. Add Funds to your Wallet

No transaction will be completed without funds. So, deposit into your Wallet as per your choice. You can use either credit/debit or bank transfer to complete the process.

5. Search the BAT

Once the above steps are completed and started with a fully-fledged broker account, search for the BAT coin on the website. Once you find the BAT, tap on trade and buy BAT. 

6. Buy BAT Coins

Buy BAT Crypto Coin
Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Through fast and easy digital transactions, you can easily connect with brokers to trade BAT. Remember, most cryptocurrency brokers accept payments via bank transfer and credit card.

After that, check the cryptocurrencies offered by online Brokers to be bought and sold. Next, compare the price and charges to choose the best cryptocurrency trading platform.

Recommended Cryptocurrency trading platform

  1. Coinbase- It is the most trustworthy online brokerage account that allows you to buy, sell, and reserve crypto tokens. 
  2. Kraken- It is yet another best cryptocurrency exchange platform to buy crypto tokens in US dollars, Japanese yen, Canadian dollars, euro, and fiat currency. 
  3. Binance- It is a new but well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers high-speed trading and less trading fees, i.e. 0.1%.

Where to buy BAT Crypto Coin?

Before getting into a trade, let us check current BAT statistics;

  • Price- $1.44
  • Token name- BAT
  • Market capital- $2,137325,643
  • Market Dominance- $2,147,607,256
  • Diluted Validation- $100,194,499
  • 24 hour Trading volume- $502,750,392
  • 24H low- $1.40
  • 24H high- $1.23

BAT supply chain/ market supply

  • Circulating supply- $1,492,818,789
  • Total supply- 1, 50,000,000
  • Maximum supply- 1, 50,000,000

You can see BAT is in limited circulation than the supply of coins. If you’re interested in buying BAT, you can go through your suitable platform. Apart, BAT is a popular currency you can look at and make your investment successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can BAT reach $100 in upcoming years?

The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, so there is no doubt BAT can reach $100 in the future. There is the prediction by experts that the BAT Price will hike by 2023 by $1.7.

Can you buy BAT for free?

Yes. It can be possible if you connect with a trustworthy platform like Brave Web Browser. It enables ads and gives a chance to users to avail free BAT. In addition, users can claim free BAT crypto tokens by claiming token grants that can be worth up to BAT 25-40.

Can I mine BAT?

Unfortunately not. If you want to trade BAT, you must buy or choose Brave Web Browser to earn free BATs.

However, the market is the deep sea. Thus, no one can predict the real growth of the token in the near future. We recommend you invest only if you are sure about the market and the value of the token you are investing in.

You may also be interested in the Cardano (ADA). Cardano is very secure crypto, and also it is scalable and transferable. You can buy ADA from Voyager and get a $25 instant BTC bonus.

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